Predictably: Welcome to Hellberta


Predictably, the Alberta NDP’s focus-grouped and poll-driven strategy to get re-elected failed, despite Jason Kenney’s campaign having multiple run-ins with xenophobia and white nationalism. Who could’ve foreseen after the 2016 Clinton-Trump contest that people would vote for magic nostalgic “make the economy better” beans, even if the leader in question is an asshole? Surely in Alberta, where Ralph Klein was Premier for 14 years, people at the ballot box ask themselves “hrmm I wonder who is more fit to be Premier?”

BONUS: Unpacking the News: Jason Kenney’s twisted political legacy 1920,1080

BONUS CONTENT! Repost of Ricochet Media’s “Unpacking the News” with Andre Goulet, featuring Team Advantage member Stephen Magusiak. Subscribe to Unpacking the News here.

In the lead up to Alberta’s April 16th election, Stephen Magusiak of and The Alberta Advantage podcast joins host Andre Goulet to explore (likely future Premier) Jason Kenney’s twisted past as a far-right campus activist in the United States.

Plus: cataloguing the extremist political views of many of Kenney’s United Conservative Party candidates and assessing the successes and failures of the last 4 years of Alberta NDP government under Premier Rachel Notley. This conversation was recorded on April 5th, 2019.

ANDP Platform Review: It’s a Document You Can Read, I Guess


Alberta’s New Democrats have some legitimate victories: minimum wage increases, modernization of labour rights, and their protections of Gay-Straight Alliances are commendable. But fiscally they’ve accepted too many conservative frames, which left them without the capacity to pursue truly transformative policies like a green jobs guarantee or more aggressive decarbonization programs.

Is this new platform what will stem the tide of alt-right fascism and usher in the fair and equitable future we all yearn for? Join Team Advantage as they consider Notley’s 2019 platform and all of its thrills and delights.

UCP Platform Review: It Sucks Ass


Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party released a 114-page platform detailing how they would like to go to war with Albertans. “Job creation” programs that just hand giant tax breaks to corporations! “Cutting red tape” by rolling back labour regulations! Repealing overtime pay entirely! Suing higher orders of government for fun! Conspiracy theories about foreign interests land-locking our oil! Outing gay kids in schools to their parents!


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MINI-EP: Danielle Smith Is Mainstreaming White Supremacy

Danielle Smith interviewed disgraced former UCP candidate Caylan Ford on March 29, 2019. Caylan Ford withdrew her candidacy on March 20, 2019 after messages she authored were released which revealed that Ford thought “white supremacist terrorists” are treated unfairly, and that she is “saddened by the demographic replacement of white peoples in their homelands” and “it’s clear that it will not be a peaceful transition.” The messages were authored two days after the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally.

Bashir Mohamed and Avnish Nanda join Team Advantage to discuss Danielle Smith’s interview and more generally the mainstreaming of white supremacist talking points in popular discourse.

View Danielle Smith’s interview with Caylan Ford.

Backup in case they pull it:

Danielle Smith: UN Migration Pact part of the plan to extinguish Canadian identity

Urge Corus and Global News to stop platforming and mainstreaming white supremacy.

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