The Postwar CCF

What happened to the CCF in the post-war period? The 1940s saw the CCF soar in popularity, with the party forming official opposition in Ontario in 1943, and public opinion polls showing nationalizing industries to be widely popular among the Canadian population. How did the popularity of the CCF’s positions get diffused, managed, or attacked in the years following the Second World War?

ORPHANED: Alberta’s Oil and Gas Wells

What happens when a symbol of prosperity becomes one of decay? There are thousands of idle oil and gas wells stranded throughout the Canadian west, orphaned by companies that went bankrupt and refused to clean them up. These orphan wells are a symptom of an industry in crisis, with the financial and ecological burden being unfairly placed upon the public. Filmmaker Gillian McKercher joins Team Advantage to discuss her new documentary film, Orphaned.

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What’s Ideology?

What is ideology? How does it function? Is it something that affects only our opponents— because they’re blinded by ideology, forced into believing a cult-like worldview? Could it be that ideology is also present among experts and people who consider themselves “objective,” free-thinking individuals? Join Team Advantage as we explore ideology in theory, history, and practice.

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Politicizing the Economy

What have you done to help The Economy today? We live in a world where growing The Economy seems to be everyone’s primary concern— nurturing it, jump-starting it, stimulating it. What is this notion of The Economy anyways, and where does it come from? Team Advantage delves into the history of economic thought and explores what’s hidden or obscured when we refer uncritically to this concept.

Stacking Crises on Crises

Team Advantage convenes to discuss a few pressing matters— like the pandemic, forest fire smoke, climate change, mass graves of Indigenous children, refugees, and billionaires in space. Given how these crises are being handled, what can we expect from the future? Cover art of the “This Is Fine Dog” stolen with gratitude from KC Green.

Future Senator-Elect Kinney: Our Red in the Red Chamber

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has decided that Alberta should hold a Senate election— and Progress Alberta’s Executive Director, Duncan Kinney, has answered the call. Duncan joins Team Advantage to discuss the rich history of Senatorial activism, declares his support for Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism, and weighs in on the important issues facing Canada’s chamber of sober second thought.

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TORIES: Lougheed, 1971-1985

Peter Lougheed is often fondly remembered as Alberta’s “good” Premier across the political spectrum. But what was so great about Alberta’s first Progressive Conservative Premier, who kicked off 44 years of uninterrupted rule? Team Advantage digs into Peter Lougheed’s fabled economic development and planning, his treatment of Alberta’s workers, and the role of the 1970s oil-price spikes in mythologizing his reign.

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Avi Lewis Runs for Office

Filmmaker, climate activist, educator, and federal NDP candidate Avi Lewis joins Team Advantage to discuss his leap into electoral politics. Was the reaction to his work at the 2016 federal convention what made him decide to toss his hat in the ring? How does he expect to maintain his integrity and his outspoken voice within this new setting? Why does Canada seem to be missing the left-populist moment? And what does he think of his family’s legacy within the NDP?

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Stampede: Misogyny, White Supremacy, and Settler Colonialism

For ten days every summer, Calgary’s corporate office workers dress up like cowboys and enjoy a western-themed festival of settler colonialism. What work is the Stampede doing when it draws on the myth of the frontier— especially today, when it is largely funded by fossil fuel companies? Kimberley Williams, author of Stampede: Misogyny, White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism, joins Team Advantage to discuss the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

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