MINI-EP: Corbella on Caylan Ford, Who Said White Supremacist Things


Jason Kenney’s star UCP candidate, Caylan Ford, recently resigned over white supremacist comments. But did you know that the Calgary Herald’s star columnist, Licia Corbella, wrote a glowing puff piece on Caylan Ford? Join Team Advantage as they read through Corbella’s insightful profile. For legal reasons, please consider this entire episode parody.

Corbella: From human rights, to film, to politics, Caylan Ford is a force of nature



Corporate Welfare Bums! David Lewis and the CCF-NDP, feat. Roberta Lexier


Did you know that the post-war CCF once wrote admiringly about the Red Army? That it saw Canada’s wartime economic planning as a great argument for the superiority of central planning and public investment? That they authored pieces like “Political Action for the 99%” in 1943? Or that NDP leader David Lewis used to publicly name-and-shame Canadian corporations that avoided taxes while soaking up publicly-funded subsidies?

Dr. Roberta Lexier from Mount Royal University joins Team Advantage to discuss David Lewis and the CCF-NDP’s policies in the post-war period, and helps us think through how these ideas might be relevant today. Follow Roberta at @rlexier!

MINI-EP: Canada’s Energy Future w/ David Hughes


Renowned earth scientist David Hughes joins Team Advantage to discuss Canada’s energy mix, Alberta’s oilsands, the realities of a carbon-constrained future, orphaned wells in Western Canada, oil curtailment and oil-by-rail, as well as David’s most recent study, Canada’s Energy Outlook.

David Hughes will be speaking in Calgary on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 7pm at MacEwan Hall. Follow this link for details.

David Hughes will also be presenting in Edmonton on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 at 7pm at the TELUS International Centre at the UofA. Follow this link for details.

Populism Is so Popular Right Now


Populism! It frightens liberal technocrats everywhere! What could be worse than teeming masses of people making political demands? Team Advantage takes a look at some of populism’s historical roots, and examines that classic populist formulation: the [ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE] vs [THE PEOPLE]. While everyone is concerned about right-wing populism, is a left-wing populism possible? What would it look like?

Bashir Speaks! Black Lives and Discrimination in Alberta


Bashir Mohamed joins Team Advantage to discuss Alberta’s Black history, and the history of racial discrimination that accompanied it. KKK cross-burning approved by Edmonton’s Mayor! Court cases over discriminatory seating! Some have suggested that MP Kerry Diotte is “racist”! That time Jason Kenney had Bashir arrested! and more…

We used this piece to ground our discussion, Cheryl Foggo’s “My Home is Over Jordan — Southern Alberta’s Black Pioneers”

Bashir’s twitter, @BashirMohamed

Bashir’s writing:

Cold open:
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