Funny Money: Aberhart and Social Credit, Part I


Hear all about Alberta’s Premier Preacher who wanted to do a whole bunch of wacky stuff with money! Team Advantage dives deep into the philosophy of Social Credit, putting stamps on your money every week, the personality of William Aberhart (fondly remembered as Bible Bill), the end of the United Farmers of Alberta and the Social Credit landslide in 1935, Depression-era economics, getting into fights with the federal government, and much more.



Looks like everyone is mad about equalization, so it’s time for us to explain why Equalization is Good. Joining Team Advantage this week is Ricardo Acuña, Executive Director of the Parkland Institute. We talk about what equalization is, how it’s often misrepresented, and why it’s actually really important. Spoiler: guaranteeing a basic level of public goods and services to all Canadians is great.

Follow Ricardo at @RicAcuna, and read his Vue Weekly columns on equalization here
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The Wrong Kind of Socialism


To celebrate our ownership of 6/36,000,000ths of the Trans Mountain pipeline, Team Advantage discusses the role of the Canadian state in taking on risky investments that aren’t commercially viable. We point out the important role of the state in establishing modern industries (the space race, telecommunications, computing) and consider the oilsands as similarly shaped by heavy public investment. Lastly, we ask: if subsidizing fossil fuels is our “version” of Silicon Valley, is it wise to continue sinking money into it?

Doug Ford and the Basket of Goodies


Ready for Ralph Klein, Ontario edition? Joined by special guest @james_m_wilt, Team Advantage discusses the terrible coverage of Doug Ford in the run-up to Ontario’s election. We read some of the awful fluffy coverage of Ford that helped him win.
Warning: the following takes are absolutely awful.

Thanks to James for joining us — be sure to check out his work at, and of course, listen to the excellent News You Can Use Podcast!

Reading UCP “Policy” so You Don’t Have To: A Guide to Hellworld

episode_graphic_square_UCP-AGMWe actually read the giant collection of policy proposals that the United Conservative Party debated (some of) last weekend. Folks, it’s bad. Featuring the New Green McCarthyism, roundabout ways of attacking abortion rights, treating kids like property, Alberta’s constitution (?), pipelines, picking on unions, and much more. Jordan Peterson also drops in to read a sample of UCP policy, which was really nice of him.

LIVE: Briarpatch Prairie Issue Launch

briarpatch_episode_graphic_squareOn April 28th, Briarpatch Magazine launched their Prairie Issue at Shelf Life Books in Calgary. We recorded the discussion with authors and community members, who spoke about decolonizing the justice system and fossil fuel industries in the prairies — past, present and future. Featuring @curtislefthand, @kateljacobson, and @dgrdon. NOTE: Around minute 11:00, David Gray-Donald mistakenly says that in 1972 the Saskatchewan oil industry was Alberta-owned, which is not accurate. He meant to say it was American-owned at that time.