(Tax) Haven Is a Place on Earth


Canadian corporate cash stashed overseas hit a record high of $353 billion in 2018. Meanwhile in Alberta, Jason Kenney is lowering the corporate tax rate to 8%, the lowest in Canada.

Toby Sanger, Executive Director of Canadians for Tax Fairness, joins Team Advantage to discuss the problem of tax havens, tax avoidance, the fallout from the Panama and Paradise Papers abroad and at home, Trump’s corporate tax breaks, the myth of job creation, and more.

Walmart, but Good: Leigh Phillips & Michal Rozworski


Team Advantage delves deep into The People’s Republic of Walmart, joined by special guests and authors Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski. You’ll be shocked to learn that economic planning goes on all around you, on a massive scale: Amazon and Walmart are great examples. We go deep into how markets work, the economic calculation debate, the demise of Sears due to cutthroat internal competition, the need to democratize (and not just nationalize!) the corporate planning apparatus, and more.

General Strike! Winnipeg 1919-2019


Team Advantage travels to Winnipeg for the 1919 General Strike Centenary Conference to consider the meaning of Canada’s biggest single labour action! Featuring interviews with David Camfield and Christo Aivalis, Team Advantage gives you a brief overview of the content of the conference, Jane McAlevey‘s talk, the Ukranian Labour Temple, as well as some thoughts and reflections on the event.

Big thanks to the conference organizers and volunteers, and thanks to everyone we met in Winnipeg for the warm welcome!

Predictably: Welcome to Hellberta


Predictably, the Alberta NDP’s focus-grouped and poll-driven strategy to get re-elected failed, despite Jason Kenney’s campaign having multiple run-ins with xenophobia and white nationalism. Who could’ve foreseen after the 2016 Clinton-Trump contest that people would vote for magic nostalgic “make the economy better” beans, even if the leader in question is an asshole? Surely in Alberta, where Ralph Klein was Premier for 14 years, people at the ballot box ask themselves “hrmm I wonder who is more fit to be Premier?”