Flat Tax: A Brief History of a Bad Idea

episode_graphic_square_flat-taxTeam Advantage talks about the shitheads who are trying to rehabilitate the flat tax, explains why the flat tax is a Bad Idea, and explores the intellectual lineage of this Very Bad Idea. Featuring Jack Mintz, Mark Milke, the Fraser Institute, and Friedrich Hayek.


Reading UCP “Policy” so You Don’t Have To: A Guide to Hellworld

episode_graphic_square_UCP-AGMWe actually read the giant collection of policy proposals that the United Conservative Party debated (some of) last weekend. Folks, it’s bad. Featuring the New Green McCarthyism, roundabout ways of attacking abortion rights, treating kids like property, Alberta’s constitution (?), pipelines, picking on unions, and much more. Jordan Peterson also drops in to read a sample of UCP policy, which was really nice of him.

LIVE: Briarpatch Prairie Issue Launch

briarpatch_episode_graphic_squareOn April 28th, Briarpatch Magazine launched their Prairie Issue at Shelf Life Books in Calgary. We recorded the discussion with authors and community members, who spoke about decolonizing the justice system and fossil fuel industries in the prairies — past, present and future. Featuring @curtislefthand, @kateljacobson, and @dgrdon. NOTE: Around minute 11:00, David Gray-Donald mistakenly says that in 1972 the Saskatchewan oil industry was Alberta-owned, which is not accurate. He meant to say it was American-owned at that time.


Budgets: The Government Isn’t a House


Team Advantage assembles to slay myths spewed by deficit-trolls and deficit-hawks. Is the government budget just like a household budget? Why are we spending so much on candles? If businesses leverage themselves all the time, why can’t government? Why is Alberta’s first income-tax bracket set at $128k? Why does Jason Kenney dislike (((bank holders in New York and Z├╝rich)))? Who is this mysterious philosopher whose name rhymes with “Yarl Barx”?

Ralph Klein Sucked, Part 2


If you weren’t convinced by part one … well, here’s part two. It should do the trick.
Team Advantage discusses the last half of Ralph Klein’s reign, which includes deregulating electricity, foot-dragging on LGBTQ rights, drunkenly yelling at unhoused people, dinosaur farts, I HEART ALBERTA BEEF, pie-throwing, “paid in full,” misogynistic jokes, Ralph Bucks, the flat tax, and more!