Vote No! Calgary’s Olympic Bid, Which Is Class War


Hosting the Olympics in Calgary is a bad idea! Team Advantage considers Calgary’s 1988 Olympic bid and how we lucked out financially the first time, the ridiculous demands of the International Olympics Committee (including private traffic lanes and seasonal cakes), fun fascist-Olympics crossovers, the social costs of hosting the Olympics, B.C.’s completely not-ominous “Assistance to Shelter Act” that helped kidnap and displace homeless people, militarized police forces, evictions and gentrification. Finally, Team Advantage examines the role of local Yes supporters and boosters and considers Lenin’s wise words: “Put no faith in phrase-mongering, it is better to see who stands to gain!”

How Do You Do, Fellow Social Democrats? Alberta NDP Convention 2018


Team Advantage treks to the great northern bastion of social democracy known as Edmonton, Alberta. We speak to some really excellent Alberta NDP members doing important work, and witness some flawlessly executed stage management. The funniest part was when we heard the UCP observer ask “are they all related? how are they all each other’s brother and sister?”

MINI-EP: Paige Gorsak for Edmonton-Strathcona


Paige Gorsak is running for the federal NDP nomination in Edmonton-Strathcona, a seat currently held by the NDP’s Linda Duncan (who is not seeking re-election). Kate interviews Paige about her ambitious platform and bold vision for the future, which includes a fossil-fuel phaseout and just transition fund, housing as a human right, free education, universal healthcare, drug decriminalization, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Members of the Federal NDP in Edmonton-Strathcona can vote for Paige at the nomination meeting on November 26th, 2018. See for details.

Wheat, Pray, Love


We’re being told that wheat is legal now … ? To celebrate the Greatest Grain, Team Advantage dives into Alberta’s agrarian history, including the “clearing” of the plains, anti-capitalist ideas and agrarian radicalism, the history of the Canadian Wheat Board, Soviets stealing grain from America, the reorganization of rural life as Alberta discovers oil, and why the free market sucks.


MINI-EP: Reading Mouseland


Team Advantage submits themselves to a reading of a known piece of socialist propaganda, Tommy Douglas’ Mouseland. Will they ever be the same again?
If you’re in Calgary this Friday, October 19th at 7pm, join us at the Hop In Brew (213 12 Ave SW) to hang out! Team Advantage will be there along with Duncan Kinney of Progress Alberta, who will be selling copies of Mouseland for $25.

Full Steam Ahead: Petrofutures and Energy Transition with David Gray-Donald

Background image by Jill Pelto.

David Gray-Donald, publisher of Briarpatch magazine, joins Team Advantage to discuss his experience at this past summer’s Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. Is the fossil fuel industry planning decarbonization and energy transition? What climate scenarios are they considering? What problems is the industry ignoring, how are they mobilizing their supporters into astroturf campaigns, and what role do these campaigns play?

Read David’s recent pieces:
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