Budgets: The Government Isn’t a House


Team Advantage assembles to slay myths spewed by deficit-trolls and deficit-hawks. Is the government budget just like a household budget? Why are we spending so much on candles? If businesses leverage themselves all the time, why can’t government? Why is Alberta’s first income-tax bracket set at $128k? Why does Jason Kenney dislike (((bank holders in New York and Z├╝rich)))? Who is this mysterious philosopher whose name rhymes with “Yarl Barx”?


Ralph Klein Sucked, Part 2


If you weren’t convinced by part one … well, here’s part two. It should do the trick.
Team Advantage discusses the last half of Ralph Klein’s reign, which includes deregulating electricity, foot-dragging on LGBTQ rights, drunkenly yelling at unhoused people, dinosaur farts, I HEART ALBERTA BEEF, pie-throwing, “paid in full,” misogynistic jokes, Ralph Bucks, the flat tax, and more!

The Regina Dialogues


Team Advantage reads the Regina Manifesto, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation’s (CCF) founding document from 1933. We all get the full text tattooed to our bodies, and decide that any manifesto worth reading should have elaborate plans for milk production. CW: real feelings about the Canada Wheat Board.

Imminent Building Collapse! Demoviction and Gentrification in Calgary


Is housing the best commodity, or the worst commodity? Team Advantage gets together to discuss how fucked up it is that over a hundred people got evicted from their apartments with fifteen minutes’ notice. We then discuss problems surrounding gentrification in Calgary, rental and housing markets, and solutions for making Calgary a livable city.

Support the displaced residents of Kensington Manor! Click here or visit http://www.progressalberta.ca/protect-tenants.