Full Steam Ahead: Petrofutures and Energy Transition with David Gray-Donald

Background image by Jill Pelto. http://www.jillpelto.com/landscape-of-change

David Gray-Donald, publisher of Briarpatch magazine, joins Team Advantage to discuss his experience at this past summer’s Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. Is the fossil fuel industry planning decarbonization and energy transition? What climate scenarios are they considering? What problems is the industry ignoring, how are they mobilizing their supporters into astroturf campaigns, and what role do these campaigns play?

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Global Conspiracy: Ernest Manning and Social Credit, Part II


The conclusion of our compelling Social Credit series! Team Advantage takes a hard look at Premier Ernest Manning, his religious views (and how these impact his politics), the discovery of oil in Leduc 1947 and Alberta’s emerging relationship with large multinational corporations, paranoia over CCF-style welfare-state programs, and some absolutely shocking antisemitism.

When Public Isn’t Public: Education in Alberta


What happens when public education isn’t quite public? What happens when your public schools have to compete with each other in the name of “choice in education” or “parental choice?” Team Advantage is joined by Barbara Silva, Communications Director for Support Our Students to discuss how exclusivity, artificial scarcity, specialization and market logic have contributed to an increasingly dysfunctional education system. As an alternative, we make the case for a comprehensive, accessible, robust public education system in Alberta!

The Manning Centre for Tories Who Want to Politics Good and Other Things Good Too


The Manning Centre is “stepping back from its advocacy work.”  Team Advantage does a deep dive into the Manning Centre’s history, goes through the cast of veritable ghouls that have worked there, and considers how the Manning Centre’s missteps over the last few years have contributed to the lack of enthusiasm for their activism. Please donate to our Patreon so that we can rent out the first floor of the Manning Centre’s building!