The Wrong Advantage: Destroying Trudeau With Facts and Logic


The SRSLY Wrong Boys and Team Advantage join forces to roast Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! Find out why the Canadian Woke Bae’s progressive neoliberalism has been immensely disappointing! Consider the danger of performative-progressive politics in an age of far-right populism! Be amazed by the co-optation of substantial policy changes, and wonder at the smooth veneer of maintaining the status quo!

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MINI-EP: Killers, Queers, and the Birth of Canadian Socialism: 1st Legion of Utopia


Writer James Davidge and artist Nick Johnson join Team Advantage to discuss their graphic novel, 1st Legion of Utopia, an “epic tale of killers, queers, and the birth of Canadian socialism.” The story follows a violent world of social unrest, political excitement, and pansy clubs— set in the Great Depression, it explores the forces surrounding the founding of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in the frontier city of Calgary.

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