NEWSFLASH: Tax Strike! Calls for Resistance as Kenney Lets Oil & Gas off the Hook

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January 22, 2020: Former MLA and Alberta Liberal Party leader Dr. David Swann calls for a citizen tax strike as Alberta’s oil & gas producers owe $173 million to rural municipalities. Regan Boychuk of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project proposes taking on industry to clean up industry’s unfunded environmental liabilities.

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MINI-EP: Trans Mountain’s Ballooning Costs


Remember when the Trudeau government purchased that leaky 66-year-old Trans Mountain Pipeline from Kinder Morgan? Turns out that Trans Mountain is locking in some extraordinary costs to the public at the same time that it’s providing a massive discount to major oilsands producers. Economist Robyn Allan joins Team Advantage to explain how bad of a deal the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion really is.

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The 1999-2000 Herald Strike, 20 Years Later


Twenty years ago, workers at the Calgary Herald went on what would become an eight-month strike, citing editorial overreach, a torqued political slant, and unfair treatment in the newsroom. Herald striker Terry Inigo-Jones joins Team Advantage to discuss his experience taking on the Herald and its then-owner, Conrad Black. This story has it all, folks— Canadian media concentration, scabs who you’ll now recognize as right-wing hacks, a literal press baron, police intimidation and brutality, private security goons, and much much more.

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The $30M Ad They Don’t Want You to See: War Room Holiday Special


Jason Kenney’s ultra-secretive War Room, officially known as the Canadian Energy Centre, is tasked with taking on critics of Alberta’s energy industry in real time. With a budget of $30 million in public funds and no transparency, we can only assume that they spent all of their money on their first video ad, which they have now pulled from their YouTube channel.

Join Team Advantage as they respond in real time to this first attempt at energy-industry propaganda, paid for with public funds.

The video, now listed as private, used to be available here:

As of this episode’s release, no videos are listed on the CEC’s YouTube channel:

MINI-EP: Andray Domise on Opposing Capitalism


Andray Domise recently wrote an opinion piece for Maclean’s: “The left must stand against capitalism. Now.” Andray joins Team Advantage to discuss his argument. Why must “progressives” or left-leaning folks necessarily oppose capitalism? How is capitalism’s profit motive related to a range of social, economic and ecological problems our society faces? Why is it important to read classic texts from authors like Marx and Engels?

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